TOGU Dynair Senso Ball Cushion Original Unisex Orginal Dynair Ballkissen Senso - B079BXCMBD

TOGU Dynair Senso Ball Cushion Original Unisex Orginal Dynair Ballkissen Senso - B079BXCMBD
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  • Einfach dynamic sitting and training

  • For a strong back, more balance and well-being

  • With detailed exercise poster

  • For For Promoting good posture while sitting in the office, home and travel

  • One side with soft Senso dots - Made in Germany

  • TOGU Dynair Senso seat cushion healthy, stronger back – the back Effective and easy to relieve and train, the back support. Help to find power for more quality of life. The legendary Dynair Ball Cushion, developed by TOGU: The space-saving alternative to the large ball for back training, gymnastics, rehabilitation for for promoting good dynamic sitting with both sides with velvety smooth surface holds the discs gently moving trains the muscles on the spine, so as not to let the's erect posture to help maximize Material: Ball Cushion made of high-quality RUTON appearance: Seat Cushion with a needle valve, silky, smooth, thanks to the serrated unterbrochene surface only with atmospheric pattern on the inside the feeling what is the Dynair Ball Cushion? The Dynair Ball Cushion is an Luftgefülltes and dynamic training and therapy device. It is considered to be simple and space-saving alternative to the large ball and is used as an unstable surface for back and fitness training at the sitting, standing and lying. It will be packed securely by our professional team in Germany by TOGU device to be. Obermaier OHG – The Specialist for air spaced training and therapy devices – made. What brings about it? A healthy, strong back and a sturdy middle of the body. The back is effective and easy relieves and this trained. The discs are held gently moving and the muscles of the spine. The erect posture can be optimised. Additional step when training (combination between so-called nerve and muscle system) effects on: improvement of the nervous system, concentration and coordination, joint stability and ranges of motion in general. How does it work? Thanks to the air, the patented form and the special high quality material is dynamic sitting and training allows: it are constantly and immediately Minimum movement towards the body. This completely same time to the deeper back muscles and motor-sensory system unwillkürlich trained. In contrast with the Sitting on stiff paper: We these for the stability of the body so important tieferliegenden muscles with trains. As it can be used anywhere – at home, in the office or on the go – and it allows user to make a training without any additional time. Tip: The cushion is in real perfect as Ich For A Big Ball No Room. The first time you will feel this Wackelige slight ding among them. But after a short time accustomed to the feel and will notice: Because happens is a little spy with my body. I seats upright, and immerse same to me My Back Muscles. The Good Feel, This For Their Health Benefits To Do Something It's of my slow Verschwindenden back pain.

    TOGU Dynair Senso Ball Cushion Original Unisex Orginal Dynair Ballkissen Senso - B079BXCMBD

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